FFL Transfers

Charleston Firearms & Outfitters can facilitate the purchase of your firearm by acting as the receiving Federal Firearms Licensee ($50 per firearm).

The FFL transfer process is as follows:


Customer selects and purchases a firearm online. We can price match most items, so give us a call first!


During checkout, or just after, the customer will select a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to receive the shipped firearm.


Once notified of the order, the receiving FFL sends a copy of their license to the seller.


The receiving FFL’s credentials are verified and the seller ships the firearm.


Once the firearm arrives, the receiving FFL logs the firearm into their ATF records and contacts the customer to schedule the background check and transfer.

We charge $50 per firearm for FFL transfers. Please complete the form below if you have selected Charleston Firearms & Outfitters to be your receiving Federal Firearms Licensee.

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